Here’s An Update 12/22

Hello True Believers.

Putting the finishing touches on the first short Space Suit Seven. If you like little kids and sci fi, I think you’ll like it. Also just started the second draft of a pretty nifty little tale about lovers in love with Morrissey.

Then there is all the fun real world stuff. Still trying to figure out how to handle website/hosting and so on. WordPress is good for now but as this extends I question how well it will hold up…maybe I should get all those silly upgrades….

Been looking into studio space as well. 24 hour access is key as I do most of my work at night. Luckily there isn’t a shortage of spaces here in Portland. Been considering getting others in on this project. Of course I can’t pay people, hoping the exposure and such would be enough of an upside for some folks to bring in their own talents.

Oh yeah, then there’s Christmas. That’s going on too I suppose. So to anyone out there on the interwebs I hope that’s working out for you too.

Well back to inking and such (my least favorite part), keep it good in the hood.




Unappreciated Gifts Of Pretzels

It was around 1997. I was 16.

My uncle was a dwarf. Not like in the Lord of the Rings sense, just a dwarf.

Being a dwarf understandably he was angry. An angry drunken dwarf.

It was Halloween. My drunken dwarf uncle died in his bathroom of a heroin overdose.

And that’s how I got my first car.

So The Webcomic Begins..

Hello All.

So from this blog I will begin my adventure into the world of publishing a web comic.

Desultory Digest is so named for one reason: I have a very scattered train of thought. With way too many stories on the stove and focus issues I figured it would make much more sense to put out various smaller stories. While there will be cohesiveness in the stories themselves there will be multiple 3-4 page stories being uploaded all the time. I will do my best to keep them grouped appropriately.

The style will differ story to story as well. Some I will do as straight panel to panel. Others will be more “pulp novel” style with more text than art. Others lend themselves more to abstract presentation. Through all of this my main goal is to tell the stories, move the characters along and keep the reader (somewhat) interested.

The more I delve into this WordPress stuff the more I realize I need to learn. This is a bump in getting the first few pages up. The time crunch may also force me to outsource some of the art for the site…we’ll see. Despite all that I’m still excited to get this all together and hope once you all see some of the work you’ll stick around on the adventure.

I haven’t personally read a major market comic book in years, (though I used to be a true Marvel junkie) I hope that makes this better than worse. Christ the last big time book I read was fucking X-Force.

So back to the sorting of ideas and figuring out hosting and all that fun stuff.

Best always